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The following are the changes to the Bylaws submitted by the 2021 Bylaws Review Committee to the Chancellor and to Council.  The proposals were reviewed and approved by the Chancellor in June 2021; they were reviewed and approved by Council on August 11, 2021 and are now submitted to membership for review and approval at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for October 9, 2021.

  1. Article III Governing Documents

Subsection 1(e):  The Scribe shall: 

  • Submit the proposed amendment(s) with the recommendation(s) of Council and the comments of the Chancellor, for prompt posting by the Webmaster on the Society’s website
  • Notify the members in good standing
  • Submit the proposed amendment(s) to a vote of the General Assembly at the annual General Meeting, if it is in session, or, if not in session, at the next annual General Meeting.


  1. Article VIII Officers and Officials

Section L:    Time for Holding Office


The term of office for each Council member, officer and other officials will commence with the adjournment of the Gathering at which he or she is elected or appointed, except for Area Deputy Chieftains, whose term of office will commence on January 1 of the year following the Gathering at which they were appointed and end on the third annual December 31.


  1. Article IX Funds and Trustees

Section B: The Charity and Education Fund   Removal of reference to the Harry and Edith Blunt Scholarship fund.  According to the Trustees Report (May 26, 2020) a decision was made to close the Harry and Edith Blunt Scholarship Fund because the corpus was no longer large enough to furnish one scholarship and because of accompanying yearly cost to maintain the Fund. The balance was transferred to the Charity and Education account and was supplemented to award a last scholarship in the name of the Fund.

The subsequent Sections were re-numbered appropriately.


  1. Article X Standing Committees  

Section C:   Scholarship Committee   The Scholarship Committee shall be appointed by the Chieftain and approved at the annual Council Meeting. The committee shall consist of three (3) members, the chairperson of which shall be selected by the committee.  The terms of the Committee members shall be a two (2) year term.  The committee shall review scholarship applications and make recommendations to the Trustees concerning recipients. The Trustees shall determine the recipients of and the amount of each scholarship and notify Council and the Scholarship Committee. 


Jane Montmeny

ACGS Scribe