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MacGregor Music

“Songs of Rob Roy and the MacGregors” was played and sung by Carl Peterson and produced by Durach Recordings in 1995. Both Carl Peterson and Durach Recordings have given ACGS permission to use their materials on our site. A small sample of two songs are included here, the remainder can be found within the Members Only section.

Rob Roy MacGregor O!

This is by an unknown author as the finale to the opera Rob Roy. It was written to the tune of Duncan Gray, the words to which were written by Robert Burns in 1792.

Loch Lomond

Written by a MacGregor of Glen Kendrick who was jailed in Carlisle, England in 1746. He was condemned to death for his support of Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 uprising. The song tells the old Celtic myth that the soul of a Scot who dies outside his homeland will find its way back to Scotland by the spiritual road, or the low road.