MacGregor DNA Project

The MacGregor DNA Project is not an official ACGS activity, as such, but rather a tool any person may use to facilitate their personal genealogical research. It is one of many surname projects of the genetic genealogy company. Family TreeDNA, in Houston Texas –

The MacGregor DNA Project exists to answer two questions:

  1. Who are the MacGregors?
  2. Where did they come from?

Neither of these questions will be answered absolutely, nor immediately, since the science behind this is still young and results are still open to discussion. In addition, records are confused, widely scattered, not available or non-existent. However, we are all trying to find some answers. Hence, the MacGregor DNA Project.

Professor Richard McGregor heads up this project and also analyzes all the data. He has been Chairman of the Clan Gregor Society of Scotland (CGS) since 1995. In 2002 he initiated the MacGregor DNA Project which now has over 1,546 members (October 2018). Every year he publishes a blog in which he discusses what the results suggest and indicates where different individuals share close family relationships which allows people to share genealogies. Over many years he has built up a large genealogical database covering the whole of Scotland and frequently helps MacGregor kin all over the world identify their family roots. Check out his blogs:

Richard is a musician by profession and currently works at the University of Cumbria, based at Lancaster in England where he oversees research and the work of PhD students.

But, for the very latest results as they arrive, go to: