Flowers of the Forest


We will try to bring previously unknown information as we are informed of it. So some of these maybe several years old.

Updated 2021:

Horance Ronald Grubbs,  ACGS member #2827, passed away 27 April 2021.

Announced in 2019…

Donald E. Atchison, Member number 3063, 1951-Dec 4, 2018, age 67, in New Mexico


Announced in 2018…

Betty Lou Black, #2522A, passed away January 22, 2016. Obituary

Herschel McKinley Browne, brother of Diana G. Browne #1737LM, passed away July 9, 2018

Bettina Jones Schmalbach Curtis #1937LM, passed away August 25, 2013. Obituary

Dorothy Jane Cruikshank Higgins, #1145A, passed away October 27, 2017. Obituary

Phyllis Lynn Hodum, #2768, passed away October 7, 2015. Obituary

Frances L. Lloyd, mother of member Granville Lloyd, passed away March 23, 2018. Obituary.

James Marvin Lowrey Sr, #2384LM, passed away January 13, 2006. Obituary

Maradee Magee Lowrey, passed away June 1, 2012, Obituary

Frederick Augustin Magruder, #2433, passed away September 16, 2018. Obituary

George Harlan Osborne #2194LM, passed away September 18,2009

Gallen L. Stone, #1371LM, passed away January 23, 2018. Obituary

Helen Diffee Tyler, wife to (William) Bill Tyler, passed away May 1, 2018. Obituary.

Marguerite Mary Whyte, mother of Bruce macGregor Whyte #2783LM, passed away December 13, 2017

Mildred Louise Murdock, passed away October 18, 2019. Obituary.

Jane Magruder Watkins, passed away August 12, 2019. Obituary.