Clan Gregor Archives

There are two archives that are Clan Gregor specific, The American Clan Gregor Society archives and the Clan Gregor Society archives

The American Clan Gregor Society Archives are located in the Langsdale Library at the General Marshall Magruder Memorial Library at the University of Baltimore. As a member of ACGS, you are being given the opportunity to view and/or download any digitized materials in the Gregor Archives. There are two approaches to the archives, one “overview” and one more specific. The “overview” provides information such as what is included, a listing of the components of the collection (Officers, Financial, etc) over the last 100+ years with hot links to all of them.

If you really just want to look up a particular yearbook, there is a more specific approach as detailed below. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Society’s Librarian, Irene Nunley. Donations of books and documents should be forwarded to our librarian.

Collection Title: American Clan Gregor Society (ACGS)

Yearbook Collection: ACGS Yearbooks

The Clan Gregor Society Archives (Scotland) were donated to the National Library of Scotland (NLS) on behalf of the Clan Gregor Centre in February 1999.  This is the first of three (as of April 2004) Clan Gregor deposits.  For the second, see Acc. 11713.  For the third see Acc.12335.  According to the NLS, this material represents the contribution of a rather small number of active individuals to the Clan Gregor Centre over many years of collecting and compiling. It represents both traditional knowledge and many years of research.

It should be noted that the Year Books are in chronological order commencing 1909-1910. Each Year Book is dated the year of the Gathering so that the 2013 Year Book in the archives was actually about the 2013 Gathering and events of 2013 but was published in 2014.

In the archives, in addition to almost every Year book since 1910, are various and multiple other written materials, objects of interest to Gregors every where and the original Coat of Arms proclamation as issued by the Court of the Lord Lyon.


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