American Clan Gregor Society, Inc.

Council of The Society

Patron: Major Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, Hereditary Chief

Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Chieftain Mr. Randolph W. Walker San Antonio, TX
Ranking Deputy Chieftain Mr. Peter K. Gregg Dover, DE
Scribe Ms. D. Jane Montmeny Billings, MT
Registrar Ms. Jeanne P. Lehr St. Louis, MO
Treasurer Dr. Bruce M. Whyte Roswell, GA
Chancellor Ms. Diana G. Browne New York, NY
Assistant Chieftain Mrs. Kathy W. Whyte Roswell, GA
Past Chieftain Ms. Lois Ann Garlitz Cokeville, WY
At-Large member Mr. Steven M. Argyle Stansbury Park, UT
At-Large member Mr. Robert E. Young Hattiesburg, MS
At-Large member Mr. Charles S. Grierson Waynesboro, PA