Chieftain Peter K. Gregg and Bruce MacGregor Whyte, DipRACOG, DipRCOG, MD, Medical Epidemiologist in Infectious Disease

The 2020 Gathering has been cancelled due to the corona virus worldwide pandemic.

It is with regret we announce that our 2020 Mini-Gathering, that was to have been held in Washington DC, has been canceled.  The Centers for Disease Control has stated that there may be a second wave of the virus in conjunction with the annual flu season this fall. At this time, the future path of this virus is not known with any certainty. The suggestion that there may be a second wave is based on the known pattern of similar viruses, such as Influenza and the common cold.

The Council of the ACGS agreed unanimously that the health of our membership is paramount. Regretfully, therefore, we have decided that the 2020 Gathering will not take place. We do not wish to place any of our members at risk for infection.

We also wish you all to know that we are here for you. If you need any assistance due to circumstances around this infection, contact us through this link.


  • maintain social distancing;

  • wear masks outside your home;

  • only travel when needed;

  • wash hands often during each and every day.

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