Gathering Info to Kilts and Cowboy Boots

April 3rd – 4th, 2020 to be held in conjunction with the San Antonio Highland Games and the annual Gathering of the Clan Colquhoun International Society.

This is limited to members of Clan Colquhoun, Clan Gregor, Clan MacFarlane and Clan Scott. Tickets are required (see details on the registration page).

Can you hear it?

The battle cry of your clansmen?

The call for help defending their honour?

The weeping?

Can you hear it?

If you attend the San Antonio Highland Games in April 2020, you will! There will be a historic battle to the last plaid. Clans Colquhoun, MacFarlane, MacGregor, and Scott will be combatants against each other again. Professional athletes will retire from the arena while Clan teams battle for bragging rights on the field in tug-of-war, backward sheaf toss, hand-hand combat and more.   Come and support your Clan claim the championship maug. Click to register today

What is this really? Well, it is a different approach to presenting the culture of Scotland and Scottish Clans to the public using a method not previously tried. The aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of the Scottish culture in an environment, not only enjoyable, but educational as well.

To that end, four Clans have joined to produce this “Kilts and Cowboy Boots Gathering” It is for fun! There are no formal meetings. But it is limited to members of only these four Clans and requires buying tickets. But the ticket to this event also includes admission to the entire San Antonio Games. Briefly, this Gathering consists of:

  • Friday evening, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, hosted by Sir Malcolm Colquhoun and Lady Colquhoun of Luss:
    • Drinks, snacks and welcome at the Omni La Mansión del Rio, host hotel;
      • welcome reception including complimentary drinks;
    • Tales (jokes?) of our Heritage from a living 19th Century Scot reenacter, Jaimie;
    • An eclectic performance that cannot be revealed yet by Ian (a Gregor) and Thor (Grant, another Gregor);
    • How Scottish or Nottish Are You” quiz competition.;
    • awards ceremony with presentation of the “Maug”;
    • a cash bar takes over after the event at about 8:00 pm, or you are on your own for dinner;
  • Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm:
    • The four Clan tents (Colquhoun, MacFarlane, MacGregor and Scott) will be in a clearly noticeable layout together;
      • This will be two tents combined as one large 20′ by 30′ tent with all four clans sharing the space;
  • Saturday, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm:
    • Combatants on the field with tug-o-war, wheat sheaf tossing backwards, axe/tomahawk throwing, hand-to-hand combat and other events;
      • all to be coed, multigenerational teams;
    • There will be a battle royale between Jaime, the Scottish reenacter, Tom, the tomahawk thrower, Ian the weapons master and Grant, portrayer of Thor;
  • Saturday, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm or earlier as you wish or can manage;
    • western cowboy drinks and dinner at Pedrotti’s North Wind ranch;
    • a performance by the precision horse back riding team;
    • line dancing until the wee hours;
    • cash bar after dinner.

This event came about after many Clans people complained, whined, discussed and generally sought assistance in methods to retain active members and recruit new members to their societies and/or organizations. All Clan societies and organizations are having the same issues. But all Clans are not trying to recruit the same individuals. Hence, this combined approach to utilize our combined resources and ideas to create something different, unique and hopefully attractive and tempting.

To learn more, watch this page. To book your place at this historic event, go to the registration page.

The cost of this entire event is $149 per person as an Early Bird Special before 31 January 2020 (this includes entry to the entire San Antonio Games). After 1 February 2020 the cost increases to $169 per person. This does not include any accommodation!!