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“We may not live in Scotland but Scotland lives in me…”

The American Clan Gregor Society, Inc is a genealogy-based charitable organization whose members consist primarily of lineal descendants of MacGregors who emigrated from Scotland to America prior to 1870. It was organized in 1909, making it one of the oldest Scottish clan societies in the United States.

Hereditary Chief Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor and Lady Fiona MacGregor

The objectives of our Society are:

  • To gather Gregors, MacGregors, together in clanship.
  • To promote, foster and collect patriotic, historical and genealogical records for compilation, publication and addition to the History of the American descendants of the Clan Gregor of Scotland.
  • To aid descendants within the Clan Gregor.

We strive to meet our objectives through a number of methods. The Society collects and stores genealogical information on members for purposes of genealogical research by members and scholars at the Langsdale Library at the University of Baltimore. Other methods are the annual Gatherings, a newsletter, year book, awarding of multiple educational scholarships annually and recently the addition of a scholarship for piping at Valle Crucis, North Carolina.






General Scholarships


Educational assistance is available each year in the form of scholarships for descendants of MacGregors as well as others who have a Scottish or Scots-Irish heritage. These scholarships are also available to ACGS members, and widows/widowers of members. One does not have to be a member of ACGS to apply. The scholarships are funded by investment income from the Charity and Education Fund. The amount of each scholarship is determined by the Board of Trustees and may vary from year to year.

Scholarship applications must be submitted to the Chair Person of the Scholarship Committee (Being Updated Check Back). They must be received no later than April 1, 2021. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

All applications must be received No Later Than April 1 2022.

To download an application form go to: First Time Applicants | Repeat Applicants (applicants that have been awarded previously)

You Are Invited! The Scottish Clan System: The Inauguration of a Clan Chief

Saturday, March 12, 2022; 2:30 pm EST, 1:30 pm CST, 11:30 pm PST and 6:00 am AUS

Dr Joseph John Morrow CBE QC LLD DL FRSE, The Right Honourable the Lord Lyon King of Arms.


An historic Scottish event, important enough for the BBC to follow closely, is about to happen! An ancient Clan will have its first new Chief in more than 340 years. Come join this webinar.

John Michael Baille-Hamilton Buchanan, recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms of the Lyon Court of Scotland in 2018, will be formally Inaugurated as a Clan Chief. The Buchanan as “New Chief” closes an old chapter and opens a new book for all of Scotland to witness.

A rare and exciting event, not likely seen again in our lifetime.  The Buchanan, will reach back in time to pick up the mantle of Clan Chief from Sir John Buchanan who died in 1681. In this webinar, The Buchanan will explain the petition process and how all of this came about. You will learn about the ancient ceremony of the inauguration to be held at Cambusmore, Callander, Scotland.

Leading the discussion will be Van Calhoun and Michael Lloyd-Stern. This will be a live-streaming event to members of Clan Colquhoun, Clan Buchanan, Clan Graham, Clan MacFarlane, Clan MacEwen, Clan Cunningham, and Clan Gregor.

We MacGregors have been invited to attend this webinar which is, as described, a one-of in our lifetime. The address to attend this live function is: , scroll to the bottom of the page and register through the MacGregor portal after March 8. If you are a current member in the American Clan Gregor Society, you will be admitted!


2022 American Clan Gregor Society Gathering

The American Clan Gregor Society is in the process of planning our 2022 Gathering. We are excited to advise you that this will be our first face to face meeting since the pandemic started in 2019. At the recommendation of the Gathering Site Committee, the location will be Raleigh, NC. The dates will be Thursday, September 22 through Saturday, September 24.

The North Carolina Governor and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced that masks will be optional in all State agencies and facilities effective March 2022. We anticipate all preventive measures will be removed by the date of the Gathering.

We are very aware that today, Covid is still present in the community. We also recognize that the environment of Covid may change between now and the Gathering and you may be hesitant to commit that far ahead. Despite this, we still need an estimate, not commitment, of how many are planning to attend so we can project adequate meeting space and hotel rooms. To gather this information, we are requesting that you complete the 3 question anonymous survey letting us know if you would plan to attend and how many persons will attend with you. It is also critical for the Gathering Committee to know how many are planning on staying at the Gathering hotel. The greater number staying means a better room price.

Click on the link to access the survey https://www.surveymonkeycom/r/WG5T7YL. Please complete the survey by March 15. It is very important that you respond to the survey so that we can determine how many people to plan for.

The schedule for the Gathering has yet to be finalized. Check the website ( regularly for updates, changes and registration information.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you so much for your assistance.


Peter Gregg



Clan MacGregor Septs

Septs are smaller clans and families, with a different surname, who follow another family’s chief.
These smaller septs then comprise, and are part of, the chief’s larger clan. A sept might follow

Chieftain Mr. Peter K. Gregg

another chief if two families were linked through marriage or for greater protection. Sometimes
these septs were almost as powerful as the main clan and the bonding of the two brought added
strength to both.

Family Names Many names were adopted by MacGregors due to Proscription. Some families
retained the new names when Proscription was lifted in 1774, whilst others reverted to their
rightful name of MacGregor (spelling variants are accepted with M’, Mc and Mac considered

The Society extends a warm welcome to any

Persons bearing names included in List A and to those with a maternal descent from an
eligible person

Persons bearing the names of descent from Lists B and C who can show evidence of
descent or a family tradition of MacGregor connection; and,

Names in List D are properly the domain of other Clan and Family societies. However, we
welcome enquiries from persons bearing these names who can show their descent from a
MacGregor who adopted the name as an alias.

If you have any questions regarding this list of Septs or need assistance in any way you may send your questions to our society registrar at We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.




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