Flowers of the Forest



We will try to bring previously unknown information as we are informed of it. So some of these maybe several years old. Listed are those announced at the recent Annual Gathering of September 2018.

Betty Lou Black, #2522A, passed away January 22, 2016. Obituary

Herschel McKinley Browne, brother of Diana G. Browne #1737LM, passed away July 9, 2018

Bettina Jones Schmalbach Curtis #1937LM, passed away August 25, 2013. Obituary

Dorothy Jane Cruikshank Higgins, #1145A, passed away October 27, 2017. Obituary

Phyllis Lynn Hodum, #2768, passed away October 7, 2015. Obituary

Frances L. Lloyd, mother of member Granville Lloyd, passed away March 23, 2018. Obituary.

James Marvin Lowrey Sr, #2384LM, passed away January 13, 2006. Obituary

Maradee Magee Lowrey, passed away June 1, 2012, Obituary

Frederick Augustin Magruder, #2433, passed away September 16, 2018. Obituary

George Harlan Osborne #2194LM, passed away September 18,2009

Gallen L. Stone, #1371LM, passed away January 23, 2018. Obituary

Helen Diffee Tyler, wife to (William) Bill Tyler, passed away May 1, 2018. Obituary.

Marguerite Mary Whyte, mother of Bruce macGregor Whyte #2783LM, passed away December 13, 2017