American Clan Gregor Society, Inc.

Council of The Society


Patron – Major Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, Baronet, Hereditary Chief, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Chieftain –Mr. Randolph W. Walker, San Antonio, Texas

Ranking Deputy Chieftain – Mr. Peter Gregg, Dover, Delaware

Scribe – Ms. D. Jane Montmeny, Billings, Montana

Registrar – Ms. Jeanne Lehr, St. Louis, Missouri

Treasurer – Dr. Bruce MacGregor Whyte, Roswell, Georgia

Chancellor – Ms. Diana G. Browne, New York, New York

Immediate Past Chieftain – Ms. Lois Ann Garlitz, Cokeville, Wyoming (non-voting member)

Assistant Chieftain – Kathy W. Whyte, Roswell, Georgia

At-Large Member – Steven Argyle

At-Large Member – Robert E. Young

At-Large Member – Charles S. Grierson




(up-dated: 4-18-2016)