Tartan Day at the Alamo

Tartan Day at the Alamo

The objectives of our Society remain the same:

  • To gather MacGregors together in clanship.

  • To promote, foster and collect patriotic, historical and genealogical records for compilation, publication and addition to the History of the American descendants of the Clan Gregor of Scotland.

  • To aid descendants within the Clan Gregor.

Attention ACGS Members!

If you have changed your address please notify the Society’s Treasurer, Dr. Bruce M. Whyte

The ACGS 2016 Annual Gathering.

Stay tuned, information about the location of the 2016 Annual Gathering will be coming soon.


Now is the time to get your application in for a scholarship.
Application Due Date:   Postmarked by April 1, 2016 | ACGS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Mail completed application & attachments to:
Richard M. Greer,
615 Tulip Drive,
Bowling Green, KY 42104.

Educational assistance is available in 2016 for lineal descendants of MacGregors (including adopted descendants) and their widows and widowers. Membership in the ACGS is not required. Educational assistance is awarded from the income of the Charity and Education Fund as determined by the Board of Trustees. Educational assistance is available for undergraduate or graduate, college or university studies, as well as accredited trade/professional schools.

Recipients are required to furnish the Trustees evidence of registration, attendance, and a satisfactory level of achievement at the school designated on the application at the conclusion of each term.

Applications postmarked later than the due date will not be considered.