The American Clan Gregor Society, Inc is a genealogy-based charitable organization whose members consist primarily of lineal descendants of MacGregors who emigrated from Scotland to America prior to 1870. It was organized in 1909, making it one of the oldest Scottish clan societies in the United States.

Hereditary Chief Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor and Lady Fiona MacGregor

The objectives of our Society are:

  • To gather Gregors, MacGregors, together in clanship.

  • To promote, foster and collect patriotic, historical and genealogical records for compilation, publication and addition to the History of the American descendants of the Clan Gregor of Scotland.

  • To aid descendants within the Clan Gregor.

Chieftain, American Clan Gregor Society, Randolph “Randy” H. Walker

We strive to meet our objectives through a number of methods. The Society collects and stores genealogical information on members for purposes of genealogical research by members and scholars at the Langsdale Library at the University of Baltimore. Other methods are the annual Gatherings, a newsletter, year book, awarding of multiple educational scholarships annually and recently the addition of a scholarship for piping at Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

The production of a highly informative newsletter by our newsletter editor has turned this into an easily readable, visually stimulating and highly informative publication. Below, and to whet the appetite, is the first page of our current newsletter. The full 28 pages are available to all members through the Member Portal section.

Ardchoille Spring 2018 page 1



Attention ACGS Members!

If you have changed your address, phone, email address or any other personal details, log in to the Member Portal, Your personal record will be the first screen you see. You can then change the address/phone/email yourself. If you are unable to do so please notify the Society’s Treasurer.




The 2018 Gathering is over. Despite the small attendance, it was an outstanding success. Check out the picture gallery. Highlights were medleys of MacGregor music presented by our piper, Matt Kuldell, and the wonderfully informative and humorous description of MacGregor contributions to the culture of the Highlands by Dr. Michael Newton. A video segment of some of that presentation will shortly be found on-line and also within the Member Portal section.



Educational Scholarships

The application deadline for 2018 scholarship applications has passed. The next cycle of scholarships will be 2019 with a deadline for applications being April 1, 2019. Check out the Educational Assistance under the DNA and Scholarships tab tab to see what is offered and how to apply. There you will also see details of the piping scholarship at the North American Academy of Piping and Dancing in Valle Crucis, NC.




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American Clan Gregor Society, Inc is a proud member of COSCA (Council Of Scottish Clans and Associations)